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"TooEazyCG used to be called The Mistletoe Article Hub..  or TheGoldenMistletoe.

This sounds weird but it was only because I (you're talking to me, Josh, by the way) lost a bet to my friend.

I lost the bet so I either had to pay $50 to him, or I had to name this new channel and website after one of the seasonal usernames of my old channel (maybe we'll get into that later).

So this place used to have a Mistletoe logo.  Most old-time subscribers would remember this.  But if you took a look at the TooEazyCG logo, the top left of it has part of the mistletoe design in it as a neat little secret.  Interesting huh? ​

Geez, glad the penalty only lasted six months, that named had nothing to do with this channel and website."

Added January 2, 2020 (present)

"Something I found truly amazing is how much of an impact someone can have on you.

Back in elementary, over eight years ago, I used to actually be very much of a jerk to certain people in my class.  Not because they were a jerk to me...  As a matter of fact, I don't quite remember why I even acted like that.

Those people never really liked me because of that, and the teacher didn't see me as much of a nice student, which now I totally understand.

But later on, I met this girl during one of our recess periods.  We still don't remember how we both met.  She was always cheerful, way too nice to everyone, and never took off her smile.

That could've just been because we were in elementary since it's natural for us kids to act like that.  But I can't really say that if she hasn't changed since then...

I'm not entirely sure why I did what I did, but I started to imitate her behavior so much to the point where it naturally became part of my personality.  My friends in middle and high school would use to say that "Josh is way too nice" or "Josh is one of the nicest people I met" or something like "Josh never gets angry".

But it was thanks to that girl's positive mental attitude that I imitated that I became the way I am now.

I just hope that one day in the future, I'm able to give someone value just like how she did for me."

Added January 2, 2020 (removed as of February 8)

"You know how I really like Kirby, and how I sell the Kirby Blender Rig?  I get a lot of questions about why I charge for my Kirby models and assets.  It's actually to help benefit me, while also allowing others to use the model for their own purposes.

Allow me to explain...

As a small 3D artist at the corner of the online CG community, it's hard to get recognition and feedback.  So in other words, it's hard to grow as an artist, since no one will ever take a look at your work and give their thoughts on it.

But one thing I've noticed is that a lot of people (kids and teens) like to use free software like Blender or Source Film Maker to create renders of video game characters.

But the character models weren't made by them, they downloaded it through a model resource site, or ripped the model from its original source themselves.  But sometimes the renders don't look all that good because they're in-game models.  Lower poly counts lower quality textures and realtime workflow materials.

So I figured, why not let people use MY model of Kirby since it's made for actual CG rendering and not made as an in-game model.  I've given it away for free before and got a ton of downloads, but I thought people would give back their feedback on the model, the rig, and other things.  But I guess people are more likely to actually speak and criticize when it's something that they paid.  Like you wouldn't take action or complain about a broken chair if it was given to you for free, but if you paid money for it, it only makes sense to complain and speak about it since you paid for something unsatisfying and unusable.

Kirby Blender Rig in the past was critiqued more than it was criticized.  As a matter of fact, no one really criticized it, which makes me really happy knowing I did a good job.  As of Kirby Blender Rig V4.0, all of it's added changes were only thanks to the suggestions and recommendations from those who had downloaded it."

Added January 15, 2020 (removed as of February 8)

"Pretty sure you figured this by now, but I am a big Kirby fanatic.  After all, it is my dream to work at HAL Laboratory in the future, as I've said on the about page, not that you've probably looked at it.  But here are a few more of my interests. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

If you don't follow me on Twitter or Instagram, I am a big anime fan or weeb as you guys would probably call those kinds of people.  I got into that stuff around 2018 after being forced to go to an anime convention.  So I guess you could say I was converted haha! ​

I often get asked the question if Celestial Method aka Sora No Method is my favorite anime due to the Discord server being a gif of the main character Noel, me mentioning the show a lot, as well as having made an art of the observatory from the show.  To tell you the truth, Sora No Method is far from my favorite show, I just really loved the character Noel.  My favorite shows are actually Charlotte, Baka and Test, and the Quintessential Quintuplets.

Yeah I know, I'm a slice of life geek.  But you can't get me wrong.  While the majority of them aren't really all that exciting, they can definitely be entertaining and even sometimes funny.

Added January 2, 2020 (present)

"Remember I mentioned having an old channel,?  Well, TheGoldenMistletoe was a December username change I always had for my original online channel, TheGoldenMCL.

I try to forget about that channel's existence, but I have a hard time.  A lot of the times, I actually miss making those kinds of videos and recording with all of my friends!  MCIG was truly special to me.  Someday I'll return with like one video, but for fun.  Not an official return."

Added January 15, 2020 (present)

"I used to have a dog.  His name was Cooper.  His breed was called a Mouser.  He died the day after Thanksgiving in 2019.  My family and I missed him so much that we made him his own memorial on the side of our house garden, with his name engraved on the plate and everything.

Sometimes, I feel really bad that I didn't spend time with him during certain times of the day, specifically during his night walks.  I kind just always put in my earphones and zoned out into my own reality.  During Thanksgiving night, he was having a hard time breathing.  His stomach looked bloated and looked like it was being pumped.  I got really worried but didn't bother to hurry and walk back to the house, as I was too engrossed in my music.  Eventually, I did carry him back to the house but didn't really bother to take him to the vet that night because I didn't feel like going.  But I guess it wasn't so bad, since that gave my entire family a chance to say goodbye to him at the vet the next morning, but it must've been really awful all night for him.

He ended up dying from cancer that next morning.  I never knew what it was like to have a heartache all week. ​ All I'm saying is, try to let go of the device every once in a while and spend just a little bit more time with those you love, even if it's for five minutes.  You never know when someone will be gone, as it can happen at the most unexpected times, and you won't be ready for it. ​ Whether if it'll be from a sickness or a car crash, try to spend some time away from the online reality, and more time in your real reality. ​"

Added February 8, 2020 (present)

"Hey, have you heard of HawaiianCr--


--actually, nevermind.

I thought I'd share another thing about my past with you but now I feel like it's a little too embarrassing.

I mean, I don't even know you, and you're reading this text.  But I'm sure in real life, you're a really cool person, but for now, maybe I'll say it later on.."

Added January 2, 2020 (removed as of February 8)




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