• Joshua Ader

Kirby Blender Rig 400 Downloads

Kirby Blender Rig has recently gotten its 400th total download! As someone who wants to recreate the world of Kirby and improve on my fantasy-stylized recreation skills, I'm truly thankful. Four-hundred may not be a big number for most people, but for a small artist like me, every number matters.

Each released version of the Kirby Blender Rig is built from your ideas and suggestions. The improvements to each version are only because of the help from everyone supporting this build. I want to keep creating and do things out of my own league, even if it's just a simple orb or sphere with four ovals connected to its body as limbs. I want to continue this build throughout the next year(s) to help improve my skills as a 3D artist. I also hope that giving out these copies of this Kirby 3D model and other relating assets will want to inspire others to create their own versions of their favorite video game characters.

Kirby Blender Rig will continue to get updates via Special Version and will always be updated on the upcoming features. Thank you to everyone who has downloaded!

~Joshua Ader via TooEazyCG





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