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My Story

In 2016, I was watching an opening cutscene of a video game called Kirby Triple Deluxe.  At the time, I was very impressed with the graphics and animation, and how the art style was really unique.  Shortly after, the game's sequel, Kirby Planet Robobot, came out, and it's opening cutscene impressed me even more.  The new take on the art style, as well as the more detailed textures and models really impressed me.  It was at that time that I wanted to create graphics like those, and get into the world of 3D.  As I began to learn more about creating models and texturing in Blender, I was also being introduced to photorealism and many other art styles.  I became fond of realism and eventually started getting into architecture visualization.

As I was learning more about 3D modeling and Blender, I eventually created a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing my knowledge in Blender.  As I was looking at other Blender tutorials, I had a difficult time trying to understand what was happening, or what the next step was.  I even saw in the comments that other people were having a difficult time as well, so I made it my mission to start TooEazyCG as a Blender YouTube channel dedicated to beginners.  While I was no professional 3D artist at the time, I at least wanted to teach others anything that I knew in a much simpler way.

Currently, I am a sophomore at the University of Hawai'i - West O'ahu pursuing my bachelor's degree in Creative Media with a focus in Video Game Design.  After attaining my degree, I hope to continue to work in 3D graphic or game design whether it be through my own work with TooEazyCG or a game development company.

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