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Do you provide Blender support?

*Unfortunately I do not provide Blender help.  Please understand.

What is TooEazyCG?

*TooEazyCG is a video channel with tutorials only dedicated to beginners and intermediates.

What is this Kirby Blender Rig that's everywhere?

*Kirby Blender RIg is one of my most notable works.  A fan art 3D rig that anyone can download.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the character Kirby, all rights go to HAL Laboratory and Nintendo

Can I suggest a YouTube tutorial?

*I do look at every message!  You may suggest a tutorial, however, I cannot guarantee for it to happen.

What do you provide in the newsletter?

*Mainly updates on any of my downloadable items, as well as new YouTube tutorial alerts and side projects I am associated with.




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